Finding Your Next Investor

Ready to connect with your next investor?

Diligr is not your average marketplace. The investors and startups we are matching are well-aligned and in it to build long-term funding relationships. This means we value quality over quantity, and you may not get matched with every investor you request. But we will connect you with investors who you have the highest chance of success with – so you can invest your time where it really matters.

How it Works

1. Complete your Snapshot

Before you request any investor introductions, you’ll want to make sure your company Snapshot is up to scratch as this is what investors will be using to make their assessment of whether they want an introduction or not. Only provide as much information as you feel comfortable with given where you are in your business stage, and anything you don’t include won’t show up in the shareable version of your Snapshot. To check out what a great Snapshot looks like, check out UberCat’s for some inspiration or follow our tutorial on how to build your Snapshot  👈

2. Get some friendly feedback

Before sending your Snapshot to investors, get some friendly opinions! It always helps to test your pitch materials with other founders (we recommend 2 at least) for some initial feedback so you know you’re on the right track. Just send your link to a few friends and get confident that you’re nailing it!

3. Make sure you’re investment-ready

Aside from your Company Snapshot, are you ready to engage with investors? Once your meetings start and investors begin requesting information, you want to make sure you’re ready to give them what they need — quickly. Check out our Due Diligence Checklist to make sure your company is ready to go.

4. Find your perfect investors

Head our Matchbook and pop in the preferences of your perfect investor in the search criteria. This will automatically populate a shortlist of investors that could be a good fit for your startup. Have a browse through them, and once you’ve decided you think they could be “the one”, simply click ‘Request an Intro‘ on the investor’s profile.

From there, you’ll be redirected to a page asking you to input your details into Bridge (don’t worry, you’ll only have to do this once).

Click continue, and then proceed to provide some context around your connection request. This is where your investor research will come in handy – you want to provide a personalised message so you’ll get the highest chance of a positive response from the investor. So find out what you need to about the investor in question, make it relevant to your business, include your Diligr Snapshot, and let us do our connecting magic.

Don’t forget to add in your bio to the box below too – this will be remembered for future introduction requests.

Investors will usually take some time to review, and we will encourage them to provide feedback if they choose not to accept the connection request. If this happens, just keep trying and your perfect investor will come along!

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