Building Your Company Snapshot

So you’re ready to kick off your easiest raise yet – congrats! Let’s get you started.

In order to do this, you will need to complete your company’s Snapshot. Your Snapshot has been designed for you to have one centralised source of truth for your pitch which you can send to investors as you please so they can make fast, informed initial investment decisions.

We’ll walk you through the steps required to make the most of your Snapshot.

Step 1 – Basics

The basics section is to give investors an overview of the core aspects of the business. Fill in your company information so investors will have a sense of whether or not you fit into their basic investment mandate.

Step 2 – Overview

In your overview, you will give a little colour to your pitch. This is where you can shine – and investors will want to see how well you articulate your business.

Pro tip: Keep these short and succinct – think less than 300 characters.

Step 3 – Team

Now comes the heart and soul of your business: your team. Add in your core team members and their relevant information so investors can dive right in to see who you are as a team. Keep the bios brief – that’s what LinkedIn is for.

Step 4 -Metrics

This is where the data backs up your story so far. All startups should fill in the first section of metrics, and startups generating revenue should continue to fill in as much of the second section (post-revenue metrics) as you see fit. Not every metric will apply to your business, so choose the ones that make the most sense for you – none of them are compulsory!

Remember – anyone with your unique link will be able to see the metrics you include, so only include what you are comfortable with.

Step 5 – Funding

Let’s dive into your history – tell us about your previous funding rounds and what you’re looking for in this upcoming round so investors know where you stand.

Step 6 – Media

If you’ve had any publicity or just have an awesome social media presence, this is where to showcase it! Add in your social profiles and links to any press you’d like to share.

Final Step

Watch your Snapshot come to life! Without spending a minute on design, you get your automatic Snapshot ready to go. Check out UberCat’s full Snapshot to get some more inspiration.

Happy raising!


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