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Startup Spotlight 3: Sixth Official & EduGrid

This week’s Spotlight is on a sports data analytics platform called Sixth Official, and a digital education platform which increases student engagement called EduGrid. If you can help with their asks and support the founder community, connect with them!

💡 Spotlight on Ashley Toth & Chad Karannagoda, Co-Founders of Sixth Official

Verticals: SportsTech, HealthTech, Data

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

What is Sixth Official?

Sixth Official unlocks the once immeasurable in sports by combining reliable sports data, health data and storytelling. Sixth Official provides valuable insights between the coach, athlete and high-performance ecosystem that examine the athlete and team holistically through the lens of strategy, coaching, development, recovery and wellbeing.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

As sports enthusiasts, we are motivated by the data challenges coaches and athletes face in a high-performance environment. Like athletes, we are coachable and hungry for feedback.  We reflect the same values as high-performance teams to provide coaches and athletes with a competitive edge, and know what it takes to put in the hard yards: Chad is a former national champion powerlifter, and Ashley has played basketball and soccer from an early age through high school in the U.S. (and still plays in social leagues).

By digging deep into the data, we are eager to figure out what’s driving the numbers. We provide analytics reports with key metrics which help determine how the coach and trainer prepare their team for the next game. Being able to provide that information is really motivating.

What’s one number you’re especially proud of at Sixth Official?

One. We established a partnership with a credible club rugby team that exhibits pride, purpose and an inclusive team spirit. We are excited to collaborate with one of the oldest and traditional clubs within the Wellington Rugby Football Union, which produced 19 All Black representatives (of which six were former All Black captains).

Tell us about some of Sixth Official’s recent highlights 👏

  • We recently secured a sports partnership with a club rugby team to complete our proof of concept/prototype
  • As a proud alumna, Ashley was presented with the opportunity to speak at the Ohio State Sports Analytics Association about her journey as a non-technical founder in a sports tech startup

How can we help Sixth Official? 🙏

  • We would like to speak with experts in the high-performance sports industry (e.g. coaches, trainers, physios, athletes, sports scientists)
  • Any introductions to sports tech/health tech investors would be highly appreciated  

💡Spotlight on Muheeb Hoque, founder of EduGrid

Verticals: EdTech

Location: Brisbane, Australia

What is EduGrid?

EduGrid is a multi-sided platform which connects an individual student to an individual lecturer in order to personalise the online course, increase engagement and thus lower attrition rates in online courses.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

At this very moment we are going through times of great uncertainty around the world. Large societal, political and economic shifts are underway. However, with increased political uncertainty, digitised and fluid job markets and hard-pressed funding models, today’s higher education systems and institutions are just incompatible with the current realities and are unprepared to deal with the challenges of the new decade. I believe higher education is central to managing the challenges we are about to face.

With an increase in unemployment rate, decrease in employability, need for up-skilling and demand for affordable education, the higher education sector urgently needs innovation which motivates me every morning.

What’s one number you’re especially proud of at EduGrid?

EduGrid aims to lower attrition rates by increasing engagement levels of students. We found that in Australia for every 5% drop in attrition we are able to recover $7 million annually for universities.

Tell us about a recent highlight 👏

We are currently in the process of launching our very first pilot bootcamp in the One-on-One personalised delivery model. The ‘Job Search Ready Bootcamp’ will be a 5-day online program to fast-track job readiness. The bootcamp will provide job-searchers the structure and accountability they need to make the breakthrough progress they have been struggling to achieve on their own by getting them job search ready.

How can we help EduGrid? 🙏

  • We are currently looking for connections to Senior Academics in Universities, TAFE’s and private providers in order to get feedback on our unique delivery model and also potentially partner for a joint trial program.
  • We are looking to promote our upcoming ‘Job Search Ready Bootcamp’. So, if you know anyone looking for work please pass on our social’s.
  • EduGrid is planning a pre-seed round mid this year so introductions to early-stage investors interested in EdTech would be very much appreciated.

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