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Startup Spotlight 2: EasyRent & Kara Technologies

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This week’s Spotlight is on a student rental marketplace called EasyRent, and an AI-driven sign language translation company called Kara Technologies. If you can help with their asks and support the founder community in any way, connect with them!

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💡 Spotlight on student founder Toby Thomas-Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of EasyRent

What is EasyRent?

EasyRent is the only SAAS platform in New Zealand tailored to connecting students with properties, through our hybrid 9+3 model.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The student rental market in New Zealand is screaming for innovation which motivates us every morning that a transformation is needed.

What’s one number you’re especially proud of at EasyRent?

125% increase in student growth over the past 8 weeks. Taking our total number of registered students to 450.

Tell us about some of EasyRent’s recent highlights 👏

  • We recently spoke to about what we’re doing to address the 9-month rental issue for students
  • Over 41,000 views and 5000 unique users on our website with an average bounce rate of only 2.3%
  • We are making progress building our new ‘EasyRent Passport’ feature. Currently students across NZ can spend up to 15 hours of additional admin per week to find a property. The Passport will completely streamline this process and give students a rental portal which expands on current verification systems to enable applying and getting approved for a property much easier

How can we help EasyRent? 🙏

  • We are expanding our team and on the hunt for a full-stack developer to help transform our MVP platform
  • We are looking for connections to property owners/managers in NZ and any introductions into property investor associations to help us expand into new regions
  • EasyRent also plans to raise a pre-seed round later in the year so any introductions to  early-stage investors interested in PropTech would be  seriously appreciated

Kara logo


💡Spotlight on Arash Tayebi, Sahar Izadi, & Farmehr Farhour, Co-Founders of Kara Technologies

What is Kara?

Kara aims to improve accessibility by providing sign language translation of content and information using a hyper-realistic avatar backed by AI algorithms.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Our team has a vision to use technology to improve accessibility for the Deaf Community in their first language. The driving force behind this is the dream of any deaf child, regardless of their country of birth, language, ethnicity or religion, to be able to have access to the information as their hearing peers.

What’s one number you’re especially proud of at Kara?

Prior to the establishment of Kara Technologies, avatars weren’t used by the Deaf community. Since the introduction of Niki (our signing avatar), we’ve made tremendous gains to better understand the needs of the community as well as pushing what is technologically possible to bring better accessibility for the Deaf community.

Tell us about a recent highlight 👏

The relationship between Kara Technologies and the Deaf Community is unparalleled when it comes to collaborative efforts. This is at the forefront of what we do. For example, our high-profile clients around the world that have used Kara Technologies to develop pilots/proof of concepts have brought real possibilities of accessibility for the Deaf Community.

How can we help Kara? 🙏

We are currently looking to engage experts in North America in areas relating to investment, market expansion and would love to hear from anyone with experience or contacts in this area.

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