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Startup Spotlight 1: Aider & Vantari VR

This week’s Spotlight is on a digital financial assistant platform called Aider, and a medical training VR company called Vantari VR. If you can help with their asks and support the founder community in any way, connect with them!

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💡 Spotlight on Brendan Roberts, Co-Founder and CEO of Aider

What is Aider?

Aider is a “digital financial assistant” for small business owners, and provides an Advisory platform for Accountants who serve small businesses.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The challenge of building something new, of making something work from nothing. I also like the idea of empowering small businesses and giving them an edge over big enterprise.

What’s one number you’re especially proud of at Aider?

5,376.  It’s a geeky number but our purpose-built SME-focused Natural Language Understanding (NLU) platform has 157 intents with 5,376 training phrases across 12 models. Most of them are focused on financial questions and answers for small businesses.  And we have a LONG way to go to answer all questions, but this is a good start.

Tell us about some of Aider’s recent highlights 👏

How can we help Aider? 🙏

We are on boarding early adopter Accounting practices who want to offer their SME clients Advisory services, so if you have relationships there in NZ or Australia, we’d love to hear from you!

Vantari logo

💡Spotlight on Spotlight on Dr Nishanth Krishnananthan & Dr Vijay Paul, Co-Founders of Vantari VR

What is Vantari VR?

Vantari is a B2B SAAS health technology company which eliminates medical error by helping doctors and students practice life-saving procedures in Virtual Reality (VR).

What gets you two out of bed in the morning?

As clinicians we could only help one patient at a time. At Vantari, we can impact healthcare globally.

What’s one number you’re especially proud of at Vantari VR?

We are the number 1 medical VR company in Australia, with 4 hospital partnerships nationally.

Tell us about a recent highlight 👏

We recently secured a partnership with a Tier 1 medical device company who will play a pivotal role for us as a channel partner as well as an avenue for a future exit./p>

How can we help Vantari VR? 🙏

We are currently raising our growth round of $6M to double our team size, to scale our national footprint and enter into the US.

We are looking for:

  • Introductions to digital health/health-tech or Ed-tech investors
  • Advice from experts in expanding into the US market

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