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As a founder, you have to be everything to everyone in the early stages of your business. You have to learn how to take on responsibilities you never thought you could, and teach yourself along the way. One of these responsibilities- arguably one of the most important- is raising capital. 

For many founders, raising capital ends up becoming a near full-time job. Getting ‘investment-ready,’ finding the right investors, connecting with them, and investing in building those long-term capital relationships is incredibly time-consuming.

This is why we created Diligr. We wanted to give founders a way to more efficiently get to that first meeting, so they can focus on building quality investor relationships and spend less time on the process itself. Our hope is that we can create meaningful and aligned startup-investor relationships and save a heap of time for both parties. 

Matchbook core

The tool focuses on three aspects of a startup’s capital raise: 

1. Investment-readiness: providing founders with the education, resources, and templates they need to feel confident going out to market.

2. Data up-front: giving founders a shareable ‘Snapshot’ of their company which includes the most investment-relevant data, so investors can make quick and easy decisions.

3. Connection: on the other side of the table, giving founders more data on investor criteria so they can more easily understand if they will match an investor’s thesis, and providing connections to those well-suited investors. 

The tool aims to make it much more efficient for both founders and investors, as it eliminates a lot of the time that goes into researching that basic information. Over time, our match-making abilities will become more precise and we will introduce more advanced matching features to the tool. 

If you’re an early-stage company looking to raise at some point in the near future, we’d love to have you join our beta here!

And if you’re a venture investor and would like to receive well-aligned deal flow, pop your details in here.

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